Osezaki is a peninsula in Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture, that offers a beautiful view on Mount Fuji. Located on the west side of Izu Peninsula, it is known for its stable sea conditions allowing for year-around diving and opportunities for fantastic macro photography opportunities.

The Project Baseline Osezaki station is located on the open sea side of Osezaki at the “solitary pin tree” (ippon-matsu) entry point. When you enter, look for a buoy out and to the right. The station is located at approximately 6m at the bottom of that buoy line.

Getting Here

Train/Pickup, Taxi, Bus

There is no public transport directly to Osezaki, however it is possible to arrive by train, then bus, then taxi, but it isn’t convenient.  We can help, just send us an email.


The best way is to just plug Osezaki into your GPS/Google Maps. From Tokyo expect a combination of toll roads and local roads. The final 20 minutes is a beautiful drive along the Izu coast which can’t be missed!

There is public parking area at the bottom of the hill that you need to pay for or you can park in a lot assigned to the dive shop you are using (those are usually further up the hill, but cheaper).

Project Baseline Station Recording

Station in Osezaki is the rock located on the 6m buoy line.
Date:MM/DD/YYYY Time(24-hr clock)
Observer Name:
Station Name:
Viz Estimate:
Image Credit Name:
Image Notes:

Data Collection

  1. Secure position at Station, maintain control of buoyancy and trim
  2. Move into position for image capture of feature
    • Ensure image will be captured as established in the PB database for your Project
    • Capture a minimum of one image per target
  3. Record depth at Station
  4. Record temperature at Station
  5. Record visiblity estimate from Station in the direction of feature